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  1. Danijela Voljč (CI Ljubljana director & head of SEB LU international office)
  2. Mitja Saje (UL Faculty of Arts, full professor of Sinology, CI Ljubljana board member)
  3. Chen Jian (CI Ljubljana Chinese director & Shanghai University of Int. Business & Economics)
  4. Matevž Rašković (SEB LU academic unit for international economics and business, CI Ljubljana board member)
  5. Vlado Dimovski (SEB LU academic unit for management, full professor of management)
  6. Stanka Setnikar Cankar (dean of the Faculty of Administration
  7. Marjan Svetličič (Faculty of Social Sciences, full professor of international relations, director of the Center for international relations)
  8. Wang Guanling (Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, dean of the school of languages)
  9. Nie Qing (Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, associate professor, assistant to the president)
  10. Xu Dongfeng (Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, international office)
  11. Ye Rong (Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, school of languages, coordinator for Confucius institutes, CI Ljubljana & CI Zagreb board member)
  12. Zhao Hongjun (Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, vice-dean of the International business school, full professor)
  13. Kerry Brown (executive director of the China studies center at the University of Sydney and head of the Europe China research and advice network (ECRAN) funded by the European Union)


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