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One often feels that in today’s globalized world we increasingly live in a single "global village". However, despite a strong global socio-economic convergence, where many language, cultural, economic and business barriers have fallen, the challenges facing all of us call not only for a constant need to learn and communicate with each other, but to create new knowledge and ideas in order to educate forthcoming generations to better face tomorrow’s challenges in new and cross-disciplinary ways. This calls for a new kind of cross-cultural understanding, dialogue, education and business focusing both on economic development, as well as welfare and social prosperity.

Many academic disciplines and research areas still remain separated from each other, almost like "hostile worlds". This is especially true for language studies, education, social sciences, humanist studies, business and economics. These disciplines often approach similar societal challenges and research topics from very different perspectives.

The aim of this conference is to promote a new kind of cross-disciplinary scholarly, educational and professional dialogue and learning, by putting cross-disciplinarity as its core value. This idea is very much in the spirit of the Chinese word for crisis (weiji), which denotes not only danger, but also opportunity. Let us take our current global and economic wake-up call and turn the current economic crisis into a learning and educational opportunity.


The idea of the conference is to turn it into an annual or biannual cross-disciplinary international conference on China-CEE cross-cultural dialogue, education and business. The first conference in October 2013 will take place in Europe (Slovenia), and then the subsequent conferences will take place alternatively in China and Europe, each time organized by a prominent university in China and a group of Confucius institutes (CIs) from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Based on the spirit and the values of Confucius, the mission of the conference is to create a cross-disciplinary platform for scholarly, educational and professional dialogue, learning and communication, connected to the development and enhancement of China-CEE relations.

The goal of the conference is to develop it into a leading academic platform for China-CEE relations, which would bring together high quality scholars from various academic disciplines and professional backgrounds. The conference is to become also an important vehicle for publishing in notable international academic journals dealing with China-CEE relations. Since the conference will be each time organized by a group of CEE CIs, leading universities in China and leading universities in CEE, it will also foster academic collaborations and networking. It hopes to bring notable Chinese scholars and professionals to Europe and notable CEE scholars and professionals to China.


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