Faculty and Business World

Business World and Study

Cooperate with students!

  • At lectures as a guest from practice.
  • Through business and case studies.
  • By handing out final assignments.
  • Through company visits.
  • At student conferences and projects.

Student Internship

Save money and energy to advertise vacancies. We select the best candidates for you and save you time in choosing staff. Get to know the candidates even before starting work through professional practice. Hire "on stock". >>>

Business Training

We help you start, succeed, grow and stay on top! We transfer quality knowledge from the profession to business practice. We work as a top supplier of lifelong education, training for managers and professional staff. >>>

Research and Consulting

Take advantage of the key factors that influence the business of your company to your advantage. The rich support of internationally recognized researchers enables us to carry out high-quality targeted research. Experience and good knowledge of the market conditions make it possible to develop strategies and projects that bring measurable results.>>>


Wondering how to reach and convince the Y generation? We know them well, because our students are members of this group. They spend most of their time with us or are interacting with one of our portals, textbooks, brochures. Do you want to know more about this influential generation? >>>

Event Organization

We know what participants want and we offer it to them. We have extensive experience in organizing large international conferences, tailor-made training seminars, round tables, guest lectures and discussions. >>>

Lease of Premises

A prerequisite for the success of any event, education or meeting is a pleasant environment. All of our classrooms are equipped with modern technological and didactic equipment and comfortable seating for even the most intense events. At the same time, we have all the necessary infrastructure to support various meetings. >>>

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