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Sponsoring Events


The School of Economics and Business organizes various events in the field of business and economics. We offer you the option to choose an event based on the audience you want to reach with your own products or services.

Benefits of advertising at events of the School of Economics and Business:
  • thematic connection of your advertising messages with event content;
  • the reputation of the institution as a top organizer of events;
  • up to 1000 or more participants.

Some event examples and their dates

Event Date Number of
Delo MeNE išče April 500
Poletna šola (Summer school) July 500
International conferences various 400–1000
Round tables various 50–410
Graduation ceremony various 430

The event sponsorship offer includes the appearance of a logo on all forms of communication that will prove the need for an event:

  • web page,
  • publication,
  • invitations,
  • brochures,
  • leaflets,
  • posters,
  • ads,
  • projection on billboards and screens before events,
  • possibility of presentation at the event itself in the form of a stand,
  • lease of advertising space on clip-clap frames at the faculty.

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