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Career Services for Employers

If you are looking for promising and reliable candidates with an economics background then the Career Service Centre is the right place to start your search! We offer on-campus recruiting and presentations of your company, counselling on internships and mentorships and participation at the different events we organise.


Why recruit at the SEB LU?

1. A good selection of candidates


At the SEB LU we have broad knowledge of our students. We follow their attendance at the seminars and other events organised by the Career Service Centre, their grades and other information that tells us more about candidates.

2. Save your advertising money


Forget expensive newspaper ads! Such ads appear just once and have a limited reach. Conversely, we send your ad out to all suitable candidates in our database and put it up on our website and notice board for (at least) one month.

3. Get to know the candidates before they start working for you


You can learn more about your potential candidates before you employ them through internships, on-campus presentations and participation at our events.

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