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Students' experiences

  • Ieva D., Lithuania

    »I am very happy about an Intensive Programme. It absolutely exceeded my expectations. I made a lot of friends. I spent more than two weeks in and beautiful country. And I actually learned a lot. It takes time to realize all that, but as two months have passed now I really feel an impact made by this trip to Slovenia. Thank you so much :)«

  • Mark, Norway

    "The Intensive Program is a fantastic opportunity for students of different cultural backgrounds to share opinions and ideas. In addition, students experience learning styles of professors from a collection of leading European universities. Finally, Slovenia is a great place to visit in the summer and the International Summer School/School of Economics and Business do a wonderful job of facilitating social events."

  • Gabrielė, Lithuania

    »It is not a relaxing two-week holiday, it is an intensive program which includes meeting the nicest people from all over the world, dancing till the dawn, hiking, swimming, exploring the city and being able to absorb knowledge from a range of professors with different cultural background. And enjoy every minute of it because this fairy-tale lasts only two weeks :)«

  • Dalia, Lithuania

    »What I really liked in the Intensive programme was the diversity of both professors and students that helped me to improve my international communication skills and better understand the habits and traditions from other countries. I really enjoyed both practical and theoretical aspects of the intensive programme since the proportion of each is a problem in different courses.«

  • Anja, Slovenia

    »IP programme helped me enhance my business competencies and sharpen my ability to tackle cross-cultural and social responsibility issues and we had the opportunity to understand the key corporate and managerial challenges from a practical perspective.«

  • Ieva V., Lithuania

    »Intensive Programme was an amazing experience that allowed to harmonize two important things - summer fun and valuable knowledge that I found really important for my future career. I have got to know many amazing and interesting people here from all over the world - students, university staff, lecturers, tour guides and many other locals. And finally, I found Slovenia as an extremely friendly, clean and full of adventures country - I will be back soon!!! :)«

  • Matevž, Slovenia

    »Intensive Programme of Summer School was cool because we had some awesome workshops that were really intriguing! It was also interesting to discuss important things (ones beliefs and culture) with people with different background, way of thinking, etc. Besides that there were really cool events and parties that gave us the opportunity to get to know each other! :)«

  • Juliane, Norway

    »I spent two fantastic weeks at summer school! A big thanks to the entire team that organized the events really, really well! The activities and parties were so much fun - I never expected it to be that epic before I came to Ljubljana. These two weeks exceeded my expectation by far!!«

  • Pijus, Lithuania

    "Ljubljana's intensive programme was unexpectedly amazing experience. Starting from the country which is more than beautiful to the lecturers who are obviously the experts in their field. I think the most accurate comment would be that if I would get a chance to repeat this visit I would not hesitate for a second to accept."

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