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The School of Economics and Business, encourages international exchange students to blog and share with you - in words and photos - what it can be like to study and live in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Student Perspectives

Yaniv Nissim, Israel. Undergraduate study,
full-time international student

During my studies at the SEB LU, I found diverse classes led by great professors and attended by students from all over the world. I enjoyed experiencing different cultures and working in teams. I also enjoyed the magical places in Slovenia.

I am confident that, thanks to my experience at the SEB LU, I am prepared to enter the business world.

Student Perspectives

Pieter Deparcq, Erasmus Exchange Student,
University of Antwerp, Belgium

Since I was the first one from my university to come here, I had absolutely no clue what to expect. But it turned out to be great!! Slovenia has many different faces: a beautiful winter, a colorful spring and a warm, sunny summer. Further, you can find mountains as well as lowlands and a seaside. It also has an ideal location, near Western and Eastern Europe and the beautiful Balkan countries.

Studying at the SEB LU was also very satisfying. The International Department of the School of Economics and Business is well-organized, resulting in a large number of international students. Orientation days and the helpful people at the International Office make things much easier. And the classes are taught by experienced and skillful teachers.

And last but not least: living in Ljubljana was super!! A small but very cozy city that has a lot to offer and where it’s nice to walk around and have a drink on a terrace in the sun. And then there’s the student organization that organizes a lot of activities, parties as well as movie nights, cultural trips, sport activities and much more. This Erasmus semester was great!

Student Perspectives

Jukka Hyttinen, Erasmus Exchange Student, Finland

My student exchange in Ljubljana was everything I could hope for: lots of new friends, traveling, partying, and much more. SEB LU is a good school and it has some of the most characteristic teachers that I've ever had. The most important thing I experienced there was my own inner growth, going there without knowing anybody and gaining these kind of international new friends and adventures is something you can't really experience otherwise in life. The time in Ljubljana will always stay in my heart :)

Student Perspectives

Brieuc Demaeght, Erasmus Exchange Student,
University of Antwerp, Belgium

At first I chose Slovenia for my Erasmus mainly for its position in the European Union; because of the adhesion of new member countries, the geographical centre has now shifted towards Slovenia. The country is also important for international trade with other countries of the Balkan and transportation throughout the European Union. I had several very interesting courses at the faculty; I enjoyed every one of them and came home with lots of additional knowledge and good grades.

Of course, apart from the studies, the Erasmus experience is a lot more. I made new friends and many of them also studied economics and will possibly play a role in my professional network later on in my career. The centre of Ljubljana is very small and you will encounter fellow students on the streets all the time. Every day, or rather, every night there is something to do at less than 10 minutes walking. For the drinks there are places all over the centre, as for food, there are student coupons. These are like reduction coupons with which you can get a full meal at many restaurants for on average about €3 including a starter or salad, a main dish and a dessert! As for an anecdote, I had an amazing tutor (= buddy in some other universities) and ended up falling in love with her. We are now happily together.

Student Perspectives

Mika Juho Matias Viskari, Erasmus Exchange Student,
Haaga- Helia University of applied Sciences, Finland

Studying in an international group of students under the guidance of highly expert professors and assistants makes school life at the School of Economics and Business extremely interesting and worth participating in the interactive lectures. What makes Slovenia worth spending at least a semester or two in is the lively social life and opportunity to go snowboarding in the Alps or sunbathing on the coast even on the same day. In Ljubljana there is also probably the best student organization (ŠOU) in the world that organizes activities from A-Z almost 24/7.

The only thing you have to be afraid of in Ljubljana is falling in love! :)

Student Perspectives

Argyris Aris Antonacopoulos, Erasmus Exchange Student

Erasmus in Ljubljana was a unique experience in every aspect. Academic wise the school offers some interesting courses and I particularly appreciated that lectures enabled me to grasp a view on how business works in real life. I had the opportunity to make company visits and have lectures from people working in well-known companies. Whereas studies matter, let's move on to more fun stuff!

I chose Ljubljana because I wanted to visit the Balkans and it was great time! Being less than an hour from ski slopes was also a plus. The city is beautiful with lots of students so don't worry about meeting people and making new friends. The Student organization was really helpful first by helping with accommodation but also for arranging parties and events! As for the night life well there is only one word, ERASMUS!! (but I'll give you a hint: try Metelkova, Ultima or check for a dorm party).

Would I recommend Ljubljana for an Erasmus?


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