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Who are special needs students?


Various living conditions and health conditions of students influence on the possibilities for their full involvement and participation in the study process and in the study environment. Students with special needs are students with partial or complete loss of vision, partial or complete loss of hearing, speech-language disorders, physical impairment, long-term or chronic illness, and students with deficiencies in individual areas of learning, as well as emotional and behavioural disorders. To overcome the obstacles they face, they need different adjustments and assistance in integrating and participating in the study process.

We offer advice and additional help

Among other things, we advise special needs students on obtaining the special needs student status, on special adjustments of the environment and study process as well as on the rights and obligations of students.

Teachers and other pedagogical staff are available during their office hours for personal conversations and via e-mail or by phone. Regarding the procedures for enrolment and the examination performance, the staff of the Student Affairs Office is a good source of information, and regarding the learning material you can turn to the librarians in the Central Economics Library and to the Ekonomist bookshop. To get faster response, please ask questions related to subject contents directly to the teacher or assistant responsible for the subject.

To make learning easier as much as possible, we also organize tutoring where senior years students help students with special needs.

However, if any questions remain unanswered, you can always contact Andreja Turman in the Centre for Student and Career Services.

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