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Business Process Management (BMP) Academy

Business process management (BPM) is a contemporary management approach that promotes business effectiveness and efficiency, by:

  • focusing on aligning organisations with the wants and needs of clients
  • while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with information technology.

It is based on the philosophy, that business processes have to be discovered, redesigned, IT supported and constantly improved, to advance business effectiveness and efficiency.

About the academy

In for days the participants will understand the most important methods for improving business processes through organizational changes and IT deployment. >>>

Why SEB LU and Vlerick?

The program includes lecturers of two leading business schools in the area of business process management - University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business and the Vlerick Business School. >>>

Who is the Academy for?

The academy is aimed to process owners, managers and administrators, CPOs, project managers and directors of various business functions (e. g. IT, controlling, revision, HRM and other). >>>

Programme structure

Program has two modules. The firs one covers planning improving business processes and the second deals with methods for introducing changes to business processes in the organization. >>>


Lecturing and workshops will be carried out by: prof. Dr. Andrej Kovačič, prof. Dr. Mojca Indihar Štemberger, prof. Dr. Jurij Jaklič, all from SEB LU and prof. Dr. Öykü Isik from Vlerick Business School. >>>

Tuition fee and how to apply?

To register for the Academy fill in the application form available at this link. >>>

Programme Director

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