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Nowadays companies, that wish to remain competitive and to improve their business performance, have to optimize their business processes. The situation is similar in public institutions. This is the main reason for growing interest in business process management all over the world. However, projects in this area can be very comprehensive and therefore quite frequently not successfully realised. As a consequence organisations don’t get the expected results.

Business Process Management (BMP) Academy will cover some important methods for improving business processes through organizational changes and IT deployment, case studies from local companies and hands-on workshops. The participants will also have enough opportunities for changing opinions and experience among each other and lecturers.

During the programme you will expand knowledge:

  • How to approach and which method to choose for improving business effectiveness and efficiency by business process management.
  • Which are contemporary methods for identifying, modelling, analysing and redesigning business processes.
  • How to model business processes with BPMN notation.
  • Which are appropriate tools for modelling and analysing business processes.
  • How to apply simulation in analysing business processes.
  • Which are CSFs of business process change in practice.
  • Which are the most useful methods of change management.
  • How to implement the concept of process oriented organisation.
  • How to successfully automate business process.
  • How to develop right system of key performance indicators (KPIs) for processes and how to use business intelligence (BI) tools for measuring business processes.

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