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Andrej Kovačič

Prof. Dr. Andrej Kovačič is a researcher and professor of Information management and Business process management at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. Prior to his employment at the Faculty he was for many years director of the consulting company, designer and consultant on strategic projects, renovations, business process reengineering and IT operations. He led or carried out a large number of projects in this field, especially in public sector and also in companies. He is an expert at the Economists Association of Slovenia for management, certified information systems auditor and management consultant on international projects PHARE.

Module: Implementation of business process improvement

Mojca Indihar Štemberger

Prof. Dr. Mojca Indihar Štemberger is a professor, researcher and consultant at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and she is for more than 12 years actively involved in business processes. As a project leader or co-worker has accumulated a lot of practical experience in several projects of business process management. She has published more than 20 scientific papers in this field. Since 2010 she is also the President of the Business Process Management Conference held each year in October in Ljubljana.

Module: Implementation of business process improvement

Jurij Jaklič

Prof. Dr. Jurij Jaklič is professor of Business Informatics at the Faculty of Economics and the Department Chair of Business Informatics and Logistics. He is an expert for Business Intelligence (BI) and primarily he teaches courses about BI to the undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. He also works as consultant and researcher of business process management specialized for BI. He was a leader or collaborator on several projects in the field of Business Intelligence and business process management at the Institute of Business Informatics at the Faculty of Economics.

Module: Implementation of business process improvement

Öykü Isik

Prof. dr. Öykü Isik, Vlerick Business School: Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey Öykü moved to the United States to be at one of the frontiers of technology innovation and earned her PhD degree on Business Computer Information Systems from the University of North Texas. She has always studied the organisational impact of information technology and enterprise information systems with keen interest. That is also why she decided to focus her main research and teaching on business intelligence (BI) and how organisations can benefit from it. She specifically studies the capabilities that make BI successful in an organisation and how different decision types can influence this success.

Modul: Načrtovanje izboljšav poslovnih procesov

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