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About the programme

To meet the high expectations of customers who require a fast and seamless digital experience, companies and other organizations need to speed up their digital transformation. Managers of companies from all over the world are attempting to transform their organizations; however, this is an extremely difficult task in which multi-skills teams have to work together. Sometimes radical changes are necessary and as we know from the past, such transformations could be unsuccessful if not approached in the right way.

A strong grasp of digital technology is imperative for successful digitalization, yet not sufficient, as digital transformation is foremost a business challenge that demands comprehensive knowledge from various fields. The participants of the digital transformation academy will get knowledge about contemporary trends in digitalization and foremost about how to transform their organization by introducing holistic approaches to employing digital technology for successful customer experience, business process and business model optimization.

During the programme you will expand knowledge:

  • Which are building blocks of digital transformation
  • Strategic role of digitalization
  • Characteristics of contemporary digital technology, digital products, API Economy, digital platforms, internet of things, Industry 4.0
  • How to approach digital transformation, who should lead digital transformation
  • Which are the most useful methods of change and innovation managemen
  • Digital leadership
  • Which are contemporary methods for digitalization of business processes
  • How to develop right system of key performance indicators (KPIs) for processes and how to use business intelligence (BI) tools for measuring business processes
  • How to improve customer engagement and customer experience
  • How to develop innovative business models

How: presentation of concepts, case studies, hands-on workshops, best practices presented by people who implemented them, discussions.

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