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Global leadership

Today’s global leaders are confronted by a threefold challenge:
  • Complexity and interconnectedness of the world that makes business choices more difficult,
  • Diversity of cultural values, preferences and mind-sets that require re-examination of business strategies, business models and leadership practices,
  • Increasing economic, social and environmental tensions that contribute to business uncertainty.


The GLA is an educational innovation to support the growth of business leaders for tomorrow. >>>

Why choose the GLA at the SEB LU?

The Academy will be carried out in three countries: Slovenia, South Korea and the USA (California) and include visits to five leading global corporations: Cisco Systems, Samsung, LG Electronics, Hyundai and the Plug and Play and Tech incubator, Silicon Valley. >>>

Who is the Academy for?

The GLA is designed for senior business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to effectively navigate their business through the global turmoil and make a difference not only to their enterprise but also to society. >>>

Programme structure

A high-end executive programme: four modules over 20 days at leading business schools – the Hass Business School at Berkeley, the Innovation Centre of Kyungpook National University in Seoul and the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. >>>

How to apply

Find out which criteria you need to meet and how to apply. >>>

Tuition fee

Details about the GLA programme fee and terms of payment. >>>

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