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About the programme

The Global Leadership Academy is designed for senior leaders finding themselves in a difficult position where more hard work does not yield the right results. This is the moment to stop to refuel and rebuild one’s inner powerbase and leadership muscles by rethinking the course of one’s own life and the direction his/her organisation is taking by reconsidering the business, social and ethical implications of his/her decisions, actions and behaviour.

During the programme you will:

  • Explore your key drivers and biases and how they relate to your leadership challenges and choices.
  • Review your life and career goals and set objectives for the future development of both yourself and your organisation.
  • More informed and better decision making as a result of a better understanding of global economic perspectives, social developments and intercultural differences.
  • Leverage your personal and organisational creativity, innovative ability and effectiveness.
  • Build up your capacity to act as an agent of renewal/transformation and creator of value for your organisation and how you might enhance your leadership legacy.
  • Expand your international network of colleagues and explore possible paths to business renewal.
  • Acquire novel tools for effective strategy and decision implementation.
  • Reflect on what you stand for and why, what worked and did not work out in the past in order to see familiar things in novel ways; recognise personal and business opportunities that have not yet been perceived.
  • Move beyond conventional analysis into the value assumptions underlying analytical choices in order to see the essential meanings of structures and systems.
  • Immerse yourself into the worlds of other cultures, industries and companies in order to better understand the diverse contexts in which you operate.

A team of distinguished domestic and foreign professors

We deliver our programme through renowned lecturers from the USA, the UK, South Korea, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Slovenia. All of the lecturers are highly involved in the corporate world through education, research and counselling. We achieve a high international level through wide academic and business networking.

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