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About the programme

Exploding complexity makes organisational choices more difficult. The world is getting smaller and flatter, but not simpler or one-dimensional. In a globalized intertwined economy we work with diverse cultural values, preferences and mind-sets. More and more we make decisions with unknown consequences that create new risks, instabilities and complexities. In a few words, the world is becoming more complex, diverse, turbulent, yet also more interconnected and globalized. So, what does it mean to become successful exemplary leaders in a world like this?

The purpose of the program is to push participant beyond their hidden assumption and behaviour traits in a way to become a positive change within organization, context and self.

Program specific objectives:

  • Development of personal insight into who you are, what you are trying to accomplish and how are you going to accomplish it.
  • Moving participants beyond conventional analysis into analysis of assumptions underlying analytical choices in order to better see the essential meanings of structures and systems.
  • Development of the individual capacity for collaboration and cooperation among individuals and teams, organisational departments as well as among organisations and their external stakeholders.
  • Socialization of participants into other cultures, philosophies and practices of leadership.
  • Push participants into responsible action that delivers value to the business and society.

Modules schedule:

  • 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm Lecture
  • 3.00 pm – 3.15 pm Break
  • 3.15 pm – 6.00 pm Lecture

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