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Six-day modules

Six excellent lecturers in six modules from April until December 2016.

Module: Building an Adaptive Mindset around Change & Creativity

21 April 2016, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Module is designed to help business leader’s deal with a rapidly accelerating pace of change. Participants will be challenged to think of change not as a traditional process but rather as a corporate value. For organisations to take advantage of the rapid pace of change leaders must build a culture supporting continual renewal through innovation in order to survive and grow. Through a session of interactive discussion and exercises, participants will learn the difference between considering change as a process (directed efforts with a start and a finish) and change as a value (inquiry based efforts that are cyclical and ongoing) to enable leaders to build resilient organizations and guide them successfully through dynamic environments by creating organizations with an Adaptive Mindset.

Lecturer: Jim Berry, Assistant Professor , University College London - School of Management

Module: Managing Self through Development of the Reflective Mindset

20 May 2016, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia

This half day module builds around self-reflection and understanding the individual leadership attributes that each participant brings into the organization. Therefore it fosters discussions about managerial work, personal styles, learning organizations, systems, ethics, the meaning of work and the nature of self.

Lecturer: Justin Featherstone, Freelance leadership consultant, United Kingdom

"I believe there are certain things that leaders and teams must do but, more fundamental, is what both leaders and teams must be. By focusing on the development of appropriate and sustainable ethos and values, with the individual behaviors to support them, high performance can be within the reach of all organisations open to change."

Module: Managing Context through Development of the Worldly Mindset

7 September 2016, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Module builds around the diversity of cultures, philosophies, histories, economies, social and political regimes. It assumes that better understanding with deep insights into diversity of world cultures, histories, philosophies, economies, social and political regimes that goes beyond western world helps an individual to become more worldly, wiser and better leader in particular and person in general.

Lecturer: Sharon Turnbull, Independent leadership and management academic, United Kingdom

Module: Coaching oneself through Exchange of Leadership Wisdom

6 October 2016, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

In the "coaching ourselves" module participant are given the initiative to co-create the program. They will be given the opportunity to propose, share and address leadership issues relevant to them; to discover what leadership issues colleagues are facing; to provide valuable leadership insights to other practicing managers as well as receive advice from others on own leadership issues.

Lecturer: Melita Balas Rant, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Module: Managing Relationships through Development of the Collaborative Mindset

18 November 2016, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia

This module develops capacity of leaders to explore and work around synergies among individuals and teams, as well as within and between organizations and governments. It provides advice around building trust, creativity, innovation and shared vision and orchestrated action across different groups of stakeholders.

Lecturer: Miha Škerlavaj, PhD, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana and BI Norwegian Business School

Module: Managing Change and Continuity through Development of the Action Mindset

9 December 2016, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia

This module unpacks wisdom of ancient African tribes to teach us anew what drives human and brings joy, authenticity, pride, hope and fun to life. It fosters development of responsible leaders driven by humanity, honesty, benevolence, custody of community and society, trusteeship, clear vision, endowed with the capacity to take initiatives, ensure risks, stick to the values, be consistent, be persistent, execute with conviction, and never give up.

Lecturer: Chris Howe, Chief Executive, Change-Maker ISL Ltd. and Senior Partner IWNC, China

Modules schedule:

  • 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm Lecture
  • 3.00 pm – 3.15 pm Break
  • 3.15 pm – 6.00 pm Lecture

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