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MODULE 1: Strategic marketing

The objective of the module is to introduce the central concepts involved in defining and implementing a marketing strategy for a hotel business, with detailed analysis and examples of the analytic tools necessary for creating a marketing strategy and plan with the objective of attracting, retaining and creating loyalty among the best customers. Best practices and experiences of different hospitality leaders would be discussed and compared including the implications for budget allocation and return on marketing investment.

The participants would move from the traditional marketing mix concept to a new perspective on how to manage their marketing initiatives online. The module will discuss how the latest technologies are opening opportunities for new business models, what can we learn from how other industries are dealing with digital marketing, and what new marketing technologies could help us in developing a new marketing strategy to attract new customers and increase loyalty among the customers that we have.

MODULE 2: Value creation for food and beverage

Value adding is a key driver in today’s hospitality and restaurant business. Besides satisfying customers and having happy employees, a hotel manager must add value to the bottom line of its operation. The owners expect a return on investment and a certain level of profitability and this can only be achieved if managers know how to monitor their operations and control costs.

Managers must be experts and acrobats in taking financial decisions, very often with only limited information and resources, and still be able to forecast the consequences of their choices. Mastering figures will give managers the competitive advantage and will put them in a position to influence the bottom line of their operations.

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