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Alumni Faculty of Economics (FELU Alumni)

Dear graduate of the Faculty of Economics Ljubljana!

Alumni Faculty of Economics brings together graduates of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics (FELU) of all ages and we encourage you to join and keep in touch with the faculty and your colleagues free of charge. In the Alumni community, we are committed to building strong connections, transferring knowledge and sharing experiences through different activities and events. Join us and be a part of the largest community of economists in Slovenia.

Let us cooperate with you even after graduation. Become a member of the Alumni EF.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you at one of our future events!

Statement by the President of the FELU Alumni

"The Faculty of Economics gave me an excellent base for my career. Cooperation with the faculty has been very good for many years. I am very pleased with FELU Alumni's progress in recent years and I believe that we will continue together to do lots good for you, our members.

Keeping in touch, career advancement, upgrading of knowledge, sharing experience and networking are key to success.

I invite you to participate and take advantage of the opportunities that we have created for you in the FELU Alumni. I wish you a lot of personal happiness and business success and look forward to meeting you at one of Alumni EF’s forthcoming events."

Janez Škrabec, President of the Alumni Faculty of Economics

Get Involved

Do you want to be a part of the great stories? Do you want to help build a strong community of business people? Do you want to be connected to a dynamic network of business leaders? Be there! >>>

Career Resources

Whether you have 10 years or 10 minutes of professional experience, we are here to give you the resources you need to advance your career. >>>

Past Events

Join us and be a part of the largest community of businesspeople in Slovenia. We hold many different activities for our members:

  • Yearly social gatherings
  • Alumni events
  • Alumni forums
  • Other interesting activities

Check out some of our past events >>>

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