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The management of the Managers' Alumni Lounge (Business and Organisation)

Zlatko Paska

“Taking part in and helping to organise the SEB LU Alumni events in Ljubljana fills me with positive feelings and optimism. The feeling you are about to learn something new, have a new experience, meet people you are already familiar with and get acquainted with new ones while also having fun along the way – this is truly exciting.”

Zlatko Paska obtained his first master’s degree from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and then continued his studies at the SEB LU (field: Business and Organisation) where he was awarded with his second master’s degree. Throughout his rich professional career, he has held several managerial positions – from Technical Director through to CEO. Engaging with the international environment was part of his work while working for companies of different sizes (from 200 to 8,000 employees). He is the current President of the Governance Board of the MANAGERS’ LOUNGE Alumni Club and a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) society.

Boris Fartek

“In my work I have come across an important element of social inclusion. It is the dialogue created by people with values and interests, while striving for personal growth and success. I see the Alumni club as part of the process of broadening this dialogue, whose purpose is to facilitate a diversity of knowledge and ideas from different areas of business cooperation.”

Nina Caglič

“For me, a natural scientist, the study of business and organisation opened up a completely new set of dimensions. I entered the world of new opportunities, ideas and acquaintances. The biggest value added of the study is the people involved, equipped with various knowledge and experience. The Alumni club can offer us something more.”

Bogdan Dular

“I see the essence of the Business and Organisation Alumni club in the following sentence: It’s all about connecting people and bringing them into perfect form. I am sure that networking within the Alumni club will open up paths to new business and private acquaintances for all of us.”

Marko Logonder

The Managers' Lounge Alumni club is the right place to find new acquaintances and new knowledge while exchanging knowledge about management in an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere. This is an ideal place for people who are willing to take up their role as managers and leaders of the 21st century.

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