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Travel insurance with assistance abroad

To improve your safety on your journey. 365 days per year. Travel insurance with assistance abroad covers the making of a diagnosis and referral and/or transport to hospital, sending emergency messages, medical care costs up to EUR 15,000, dental care costs up to EUR 100, repatriation after completing treatment abroad and repatriation of remains to the place of burial.

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In case an insured person needs help, they must immediately (no later than within 48 hours of the incident), call the 24/7 insurance call centre at the partner company that provides assistance in the relevant country.

Calls from outside Slovenia: + 00 386 2 618 05 20
Calls made in Slovenia: 080 19 21
Mail: info@tbs-team24.com

The Request for the reimbursement of costs arising from travel insurance with assistance abroad must be submitted to Erste card d.o.o.

Condition for making claims: The Diners Club SEB LU Alumni card must be valid and have been used within the previous two months.

Additional explanation: You do not need a special insurance policy to claim on the insurance, your Diners Club SEB LU Alumni card is enough. Soon after the card is activated, Erste Card d.o.o. will send you instruction card on how to act in the event of a loss. In this way, you’ll always have the key information with you.

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