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Adriana Rejc Buhovac Alumni Kolesarji

Adriana Rejc Buhovac

Cycling is an exceptional sport: we have a good time when we ride alone, but it gets even better in a group. It is an adrenaline-packed sport, especially downhill, but it can also be relaxing when we enjoy being among nature. We develop strength and endurance. Who can resist?

Jože Rovan Alumni Kolesarji

Jože Rovan

Mountains are a must in my life. At the start, I’d explore the mountains by foot and, in winter, on skis, especially as part of ski tours. In recent years, I prefer taking mountain tours by bike. I start at the foot of the mountain, get as high up as possible by bicycle and then I continue by foot until I make it to the peak.

Žiga Primožič Alumni Kolesarji

Žiga Primožič

After my road cycling career came to an end, I decided to take up studies at the SEB LU. Currently, as a SEB LU graduate, I am enthusiastic about combining my business career with socialising at the group trainings of the Alumni CYCLISTS section.

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