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Alumni GOURMET society is intended for all gourmets who enjoy good food and drink and are curious and hungry to acquire new culinary skills.

Are you creative and want to improve your culinary skills? Do you want to learn to cook using new techniques? Would you like to enjoy eating good food and drinking good wine and at the same time meet interesting people? If so, join the Alumni GOURMET section and discover the varied culinary areas.


About Alumni GOURMET section

The main purpose of the Alumni GOURMET section is to introduce a wide range of culinary fields and enjoy good company with the members of the FELU Alumni.

Why participate?

  • Getting to know wide range of culinary fields,
  • Friendship between Alumni members,
  • Enjoying good food and drink,
  • Networking,
  • Connecting,
  • Establishing new contacts,
  • Exchanging views and transferring one’s own culinary experience.

Join Alumni GOURMET

Join Alumni GOURMET

Become a member of the Alumni GOURMET. You just have to fill out the registration form .

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