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Lidia Pavlin Alumni MARKEThink

Lidia Pavlin

Lidia Pavlin is a master of science. She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in economics (field: Marketing) at the SEB LU. She found her first job with Adria Airways, after switching from student work as head of cabin crew to full-time employment. Her career then took her from the Stanhome Trading Company via Studio Moderna and Emporium to her own advertising agency Nicha d.o.o.

Alenka Urek Alumni MARKEThink

Alenka Urek

Alenka is a master of science. She completed her undergraduate and master’s studies of economics at the SEB LU (field of study: Marketing and Entrepreneurship) and successfully defended her specialist and master’s thesis entitled “Used car tyres as a source of secondary raw material”. She gained her work business sector experience in the fields of marketing, purchasing, organisation and management. She possesses a wealth of experience in different industries in EU member states and other regions, including the largest companies from the retail, wholesale and automotive industries. Her practical expertise, experience and broad knowledge of the market underpin her consulting and project work engagements.

Romana Škerjanc Alumni MARKEThink

Romana Škerjanc

Romana completed her undergraduate and master’s studies at the SEB LU. After completing the first-cycle Management programme, she pursued her studies in the second-cycle Marketing programme. She successfully defended her master’s thesis in 2015. Her master’s thesis was among the first to explore the concept of content marketing. She received some of her education abroad in the Erasmus Student Exchange framework in Brussels, at the renowned Solvey Brussels School of Economics and Management. During her studies, she was also a member of the student section of Young Project Managers and thus actively involved in a variety of projects.

Previous management

Mihaela Leskovec Alumni MARKEThink

Mihaela Leskovec, Chair of the Governance Board

Mihaela is a master of science (fields: Marketing and Entrepreneurship) and a brand manager at TSmedia where she mainly deals with marketing communication for the Planet Siol.net and najdi.si brands. In the period she was managing these two brands, they were several times presented with the netko, effie, SOF, Sporto, Websi and Viktor awards. She also won an award in the PR Novice contest, she was a finalist of the ITIME and ŠPK contests several times and received a silver Gallus Plaque and golden Marolt Plaque for her engagements in amateur musical and folklore activities. A digital enthusiast, she gained her work experience at Droga Kolinska, the Communication Office, the Directa and Ecetera agencies as well as at the School of Economics and Business.

Nejc Slovnik Alumni MARKEThink

Nejc Slovnik, member of the Governance Board

Nejc is the owner and cofounder of the POINT OUT digital marketing agency and a big lover of entrepreneurship and new technologies. His work mostly encompasses strategic planning and the development of projects and brands, where special attention is paid to consumer activation and online user experience. He graduated from marketing at the SEB LU where he completed the Business and Organisation international master’s study (MBA in Radovljica). He is a member of the Gimnazija Vič School Council and a member of the outsourced professional staff involved in the SEB LU Marketing Communications and International Business courses. He has acquired work experience at BMW Vertriebs (branch in Slovenia), the Croatia-based Atlantic Grupa and the England-based AgentBase company.

Mihaela Leskovec Alumni MARKEThink

Matej Hladnik, member of the Governance Board

Matej Hladnik works as an assistant at the SEB LU Academic Unit for Marketing in Ljubljana where he also completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in Marketing Economics and in 2014 successfully defended his master’s thesis called “The dimensions of pricing products for business markets”. He has been active at the SEB LU since 2012 when he led practical sessions of the Business-to-Business Marketing course. Presently, he is a member of the professional staff involved in the courses: Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Fundamentals, Principles of Marketing, Italian for Business and Economics, Techniques and Forms of International Business, Business-to-Business Marketing and Sales Management. Since 2011, he has gained work experience in the business world, namely in the areas of analysis, sales and consulting. Worth noting are his projects related to helping foreign entrepreneurs expand their business activity in Slovenia’s business sector (primarily from Italy, because he is fluent in Italian). He is still engaged in consulting and project activities and thus strives to apply practical experience based on theoretical premises and vice versa.

KatjaTerglav Alumni MARKEThink

Živa Kolbl, member of the Governance Board

Živa Kolbl is a master of business science in the field of marketing. She is currently engaged in doctoral studies at the SEB LU in Ljubljana (study field: Marketing) and a young researcher and assistant for marketing. Her desire to broaden her knowledge as well as develop and pursue her personal growth first took her on an Erasmus Exchange to Portugal, at Faculdade Nova de Lisboa, study field: Finances (undergraduate study), and then to Australia at the Queensland University of Technology, study field: Marketing (graduate study). She was ranked among the top master’s students in terms of average study grade and the SEB LU bestowed the Prešeren Award on her for her master’s thesis. Thanks to her desire to delve deeply into marketing, advertising and branding, she also gained experience with the Pristop advertising agency. After completing her master’s studies, she became a product manager at the renowned Slovenian company Medex d.o.o.. The vast knowledge and experience she has acquired now underpins her future business career and research work. She is fond of expert fields such as branding and consumer understanding.

KatjaTerglav Alumni MARKEThink

Katja Terglav, member of the Governance Board

Katja is a young researcher and assistant for marketing at the SEB LU in Ljubljana, where she completed her master's studies. Her greatest passion in marketing is brands, which is why she has focused her work chiefly on internal branding, an area gaining ever more attention in both academic and business worlds. The SEB LU conferred the Prešeren Award on her for her master’s thesis on internal branding and she also ranked second in the HR Talent 2013 contest. She is a member of the Governance Board of the SEB LU Alumni MARKEThink and a member of the Zlatorog Celje Club of Entrepreneurs.

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