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Alumni MARKEThink section connects members of FELU Alumni and marketing experts, providing the latest content from the examples of good practice, new concepts and approaches in the field of marketing. The core activities of the section are solving marketing challenges with innovative approaches in marketing, networking and refinement of knowledge among the participants.


  • Dissemination of knowledge: Experienced domestic and foreign experts, innovative approaches and current topics. Marketing is an area that is changing day by day. We will follow this.
  • Co-creation: We want to create the content of the events together and help you solve your real world marketing challenges.
  • Connecting: Knowledge, marketing conversations, socialise and make new friendships.
  • Community: New knowledge, co-creation and integration. Together, we will build a community marketing experts. Be part of the community MARKEThink!
Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana[+introtext+]
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