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Alumni MARKEThink Mentoring Programme

The objectives of the programme are transferring knowledge, experience, intergenerational gathering and cooperation. We want to enable young marketers to have faster professional and career progress.

The mentoring programme is open to all members of the Alumni MARKEThink section who want to obtain new marketing knowledge and practical experience from more experienced colleagues and have less than two years of work experience.

How do I get a mentor?

  1. Filling the form: Fill out the form with information (name, telephone number, chosen mentor, the name of the company in which you are employed, your job description and task assignment, the areas that you are particularly interested in questions for the mentor).
  2. Application reviewed: The application will be reviewed and sent to the mentor. The next step will be being connected to a mentor.
  3. Mentoring programme: The mentoree with the application committed that he will prepare the issues and clarify the objectives of mutual cooperation to the advance.

The mentoree should proactively ensure the maintenance of communication and contact with the mentor. The mentor undertakes that they will contact with each candidate for a period of at least 5 months and will communicate through the phone and e-mail as well as at least one individual interview. Dates and methods of communication will be determined by agreement between mentor and mentoree.


Gregor Pfajfar

Gregor Pfajfar, PhD, University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business

Gregor Pfajfar is employed at The University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, where as a lecturer and researcher covering the areas of international business and international marketing. As a visiting lecturer has taught in England, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia and Poland at internationally-orientated universities. He is a member of the Marketing Association of Slovenia (DMS), Academy of International Business (AIB) and the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS).

His research focuses primarily on the study of international marketing strategies and export performance of Slovenian companies, relationships and conflicts in international marketing channels. He has participated in several national and international advisory and research projects, including the development of a new conceptualization of culture through the use of Chinese philosophy of yin-yang, the Challenges of Marketing in the Middle East and Africa, marketing and introducing new retail brands and developing new distribution channels and sales promotion to selected Slovenian and foreign companies. His work has been published in Industrial Marketing Management, International Marketing Review, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Transformations in Business and Economics, Economic and Business Review.

Primož Hvala

Primož Hvala (Human & Sales Consulting)

Primož Hvala is the head of the Club of marketing directors of the Marketing Association of Slovenia. He combines knowledge and experience in three areas - marketing, sales and HR. Thematic areas of his projects are increasing business efficiency and sales, implementation of business changes in the sales network, sales manager coaching and evaluation and the development of managerial and sales potential of individuals. Most recently, he has been involved with consulting and sales training for clients such as Peugeot, Citroen, Bayer CropScience, Generali, Debitel, Iveco and Steklarna Hrastnik.

Andraž Šegš

Andraž Šegš, TSmedia, media content and services, Ltd.

He has a degree in economics, he studied in an internationally in Slovakia, Spainand Slovenia. He gained his first serious work experience at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in Spain, where he worked at the International Bureau. The path continued in international sales in Kranj, Savatech d.o.o, then at Najdi.si Ltd., where he managed the largest project on the Slovenian online market with the successful launch of the Najdi.si search engine.

Following the purchase of Najdi.si d.o.o. by Telekom Slovenia d.d. and the merger with Teledat d.o.o. he became a sales manager, responsible for Najdi.si’s sales. After a merger with another company Planet 9, Ltd., which manages popular Slovenian media Planet Siol.net, he became responsible for sales of several brands such as: Planet Siol.net, Najdi.si, TIS, Bizi.si marketed through 3 sales channels, such as administrative sales, agent network and teleshopping.
Projects include both video recording contributions, organizing events, content marketing, traditional media buying which pursues marketing sales targets subscribers. He has made appearances in the media for over 8 years.

Barbara Čater

Barbara Čater, PhD, School of Economics and Business

Barbara Čater is an Associate Professor of Marketing at The University of Ljubljana, where she obtained a doctorate in 2006 in the field of management and organization. As part of her doctoral studies, she spent three months hosted by the University of Nottingham (UK), and conducted postgraduate studies at Drury University (USA). She lectures on Marketing Research, intercompany marketing and handling of key customers, her research is most concerned with relations between companies.

Martin Kosaber

Martin Kosaber, Pernod Ricard

Martin Kosaber started his career in an international company, Pernod Ricard. He currently works as the head of brands and handles over 15 brands, including Jameson whiskey. Advertising is restricted in this industry, so as a marketer he continually faces new challenges, which are require flexibility and creativity. Proactive, continuous learning, innovation and dedication to work, are just a few words to describe his lifestyle. He is a member of the Alumni section GURMAN.

Iztok Sila

Iztok Sila, MBA

Company founder Sila Consulting and habilitated senior lecturer

Iztok Sila has almost 30 years of active involvement in the profession. He has collaborated with various companies and he has helped different teams to achieve success. He is currently conducting lectures at: Gea College, School for Viticulture and Enology, Doba Maribor, Higher Vocational College for Catering and Tourism Bled. He leads discussions and roundtables, and organizes conferences in the field of marketing both domestically and abroad.

Iztok Sila is a graduate of the first generation of MBA's from what is now IEDC-Bled School of Management, which in those days worked at Brdo pri Kranju. On his professional journey he has worked in leading marketing agencies in Slovenia and Croatia. He has worked with international networks of advertising and media agencies and takes care of excellent clients and brands - domestic, regional and global - with a wide variety of areas, ranging from automotive, telecommunications and tourism to fashion, sport, culture and bookselling.

He is a mentor of the Slovenian Marketing Association and the IEDC-Bled School of Management programme, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber. He was also President of the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum and longtime board member of the Marketing Association of Slovenia and a member of the Commercial Marketing Council of the Slovenian Olympic Committee.

Before the establishment of Sila Consulting, he was head of Marketing and Public Relations at Mladinska knjiga Založba, and before that he was the Director of Marketing of Telekom Slovenia. He is a holder of the title "Marketing Manager of the Year" awarded by the Marketing Association of Slovenia.

Sandra Zver

Sandra Zver, Nobilis

Sandra Zver, BSc, is the Sales and Marketing Director of Nobilis. The primary activity of the company focuses on aesthetic procedures for face and body, in addition, it also offers a range of medical interventions in the field of dermatology, vascular surgery and medical cosmetology at five locations across Slovenia.

Her work has focused on marketing and sales activities specific to small and medium-sized enterprises, which usually have limited budgets for such activities.

Most of her experience was gained in a digital marketing agency Renderspace / Approach, where in her 12 year career, she collaborated with most major Slovenian companies (Triglav, Slovenian Railways, Telecom, HII, Umar, the Statistical Office, Lottery Slovenia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JH Ljubljana, ...) in the areas of exploitation of online technologies for business process optimization, advertising and "performance" campaigns, sales promotion and searching for new marketing channels.

She is a member of the Slovenian Marketing Association (DMS) and a guest lecturer at various conferences. Currently she is preparing her Master's thesis at the University of Ljubljana.

Melanija Šober

Melanja Šober, Elan

Melanja is the head of the product management department and handles the advancement and perfection of winter sports products. Her work includes the coordination of various departments within the company taking into account the needs of key markets as well as the requirements for the strategic development of the company. This is an area of work, which on the one hand requires many years of experience with the sport itself and its peculiarities, on the other hand requires knowledge of all aspects of prudent management of business processes.

In short, the combination of sports practice and theory of business at the global level. The former junior world champion in Telemark is one of the youngest product managers in industry and as a passionate skier lives her dream of creating new alpine skis.

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