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Art Enthusiasts!

The SEB LU mission emphasizes innovative education. We at the SEB LU strive to provide a cultural experience for our students, faculty, and visitors that encourages openness and new ways of seeing and thinking in addition to providing a business and economics education.

The SEB LU Art Gallery is a space reserved for creativity and innovative and abstract thought. The idea of combining economics and art may at first be abstract. When we begin to think and see outside-the-box by recognizing the interplay between economics and the arts, we will expand our horizons and develop a new sense of self. We share this opportunity with our students, faculty, staff, and visitors, and encourage you to visit us and experience this for yourself.

The next time you are at the SEB LU, please take a moment of your time to enjoy our art exhibitions. We believe that you will leave our gallery full of energy and creativity.

Past Exhibitions

The Art Gallery was established in 1991 and first located in the Central Economic Library (CEK). In April of 2010, the gallery moved to its current location at the SEB LU. The SEB LU Art Gallery has hosted over 80 exhibitions on paper and sculpture including paintings, photographs, and illustrations. The most recent exhibitions are:

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