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Programme Structure

Module 1: Creating and Measuring Social Impacts

You’re investing your money, your time, your reputation in worthwhile causes, but are you really making a difference? Organizations talk a lot about the work they do and number of lives affected, but are these people really better off? The pressure to answer these questions has never been greater, yet the confusing array of metrics and tools make it hard to get meaningful, actionable information.

A five-step process called Social Impact Creation Cycle will help gain clarity about the impacts that matter most to you and will provide you with a roadmap for measuring and improving them. This approach is useful for maximizing the impact of different types of investments, including commercial investment, impact investment, and grants and donations.

Module 2: Developing and Implementing Sustainability Strategies

This module will practically train participants in designing and implementing sustainability strategies. We will look at the important role of a clear and logical strategy and the various management systems that can be used to execute sustainability strategy. This includes the variety of information that is needed to improve both operational and capital investment decisions, measuring progress in sustainability, and rewarding sustainability. It will include four workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Designing strategy maps for sustainability strategies
  • Workshop 2: Developing sustainability performance metrics
  • Workshop 3: Aligning compensation with sustainability performance
  • Workshop 4: Integrating sustainability risks in capital investment decisions

Module 3: Improving sustainability through best practice-KAAITA

The goal of this module is to empower individuals with the local solutions for sustainability, including: community based food production, natural building, conscious consumer choices, and alternative transportation. It is experiential learning approaches where you will get the opportunity to get in touch with the best Slovenian practice and to get involved more personally.

Alenka Repič, founder and creative director of Kaaita, will take you behind the scenes of a small creative manufacture from Slovenia. She will present you key strategic decisions and activities that made Kaaita an internationally recognized sustainable business. After the presentation, Alenka will take you on a guided tour to meet Kaaita’s craftsmen, co-workers and people that inspire them. The Road show will end in Hiša Raduha, one of proud users of Kaaita products and one of most prominent guesthouses and restaurants in Slovenia, combining respect towards tradition, local heritage and modern well-being.

Opening presentation at the FELU: Flavor Kaaita’s playful invitation in to the world of sustainability. Alenka Repič will present Kaaita’s key steps towards making a sustainable business: purpose is a driver, what we passionately stand for, products on a mission, virtual business model, non-negotiable strategic pillars, enemy at the gate, our diet.

A guided tour to meet Kaaita’s craftsmen, co-workers and people that inspire them.

  • Warm welcome at home studio (virtual working and showroom presentation; all sorts of local food tasting).
  • The visit of 70 years old workshop and a museum (demonstration of making the Copa Copa slippers, Kaaita’s best-selling product).
  • Meet the contemporary approach towards tradition at the Raduha house (experience Kaaita products, personalized for the house; enjoy the view from little tree house and taste some Martina’s dishes that are a sequel and homage to the stories of three wonderful cooks – her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother).

Adriana Rejc Buhovac, Programme Director

Partner of the programme is 2013 Golden Gazelle:

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