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KAAITA d.o.o.

KAAITA is a creative manufacture, passionate about creating things with a positive effect on everyday life. KAAITA prefers handmade, sustainable and fair play. Above all KAAITA loves making emotionally powerful products. KAAITA is dreaming up, making and sending off into the world products with a positive impact, whose stories inspire and lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.


House Raduha

House Raduha is something unique. It opened its doors in 1875 and has been passing on the love for good food and tradition for four generations now. The cooking skills of grandmothers have helped hone the mastery of granddaughters. You will rarely find such an inspired combination of tradition and modern influences as here. It is a top restaurant with unique accommodations that will excite you with its luxurious furnishings and carefully chosen details. The newest additions are a beautifully renovated glass paned hayrack, a magical wooden tree-house and a luxurious suite in the old barn where modern comfort meets traditional architecture.


Adriana Rejc Buhovac, Programme Director

Partner of the programme is 2013 Golden Gazelle:

Knauf insulation

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