TedQual is the accreditation of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO - United Nations World Tourism Organization) and is carried out by the UNWTO.TedQual Themis Foundation. The criteria of certification include the quality, efficiency, and relevance of study programmes in tourism with respect to teaching processes, in the academic sector, and students and external partners, in the public and private sectors. The accreditation has also established a platform for the promotion and exchange of knowledge and experience between accredited institutions within two programmes: the UNWTO.TedQual Exchange programme and the UNWTO.TedQual Mentoring programme.

The TedQual accreditation certifies tourism programmes that provide quality education, training, and research.

Exchange Programme

The UNWTO.TedQual Exchange programme is focused on the UNWTO.TedQual institutions wishing to promote student and faculty exchange and encourage joint research work between UNWTO.TedQual institutions. The Institute for Tourism School of Economics and Business, in connection with this project, links other TedQual universities to the UNWTO Tourism Confidence Index.

Mentoring Programme

The UNWTO.TedQual Mentoring programme is a programme that promotes cooperation between UNWTO.TedQual institutions and other tourism education institutions with the main purpose of improving and creating new educational programmes in the field of tourism.

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