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About Balkan Express Summer School

The Balkan Express Summer School is a three-week intensive program, which provides a unique opportunity to combine learning, traveling, networking, and pleasure. The Balkan Express Summer School offers two courses: International Business (6 ECTS) and Economics of Transition (7 ECTS). Courses are intended for Bachelor as well as for Master’s students.

During those three weeks the classes will be performed in Ljubljana, Banja Luka, Mostar and Podgorica (Budva), and additional excursions and discussions will be held in Zagreb, Sarajevo and Dubrovnik. Tour guide can be seen here.

General information

  • Dates: 26th June – 16th July 2016
  • Structure: During the three weeks intensive program, the classes will be held by four different Faculties, which are located in Ljubljana, Banja Luka, Mostar and Podgorica (Budva). Participants will therefore gain a chance to listen to numerous different lecturers and prominent speakers. Additional excursions will take the participants to Bled, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Dubrovnik.
  • Learning goals: Understanding the path dependent economic development, and understanding the basic characteristic of specific countries and Western Balkans as a region for conducting business, should create the higher awareness of the importance of the region.
  • Content of the modules: International Business familiarizes the students with the key characteristics and issues of doing business in the Western Balkans in the context of the international business. Economics of Transition focuses on the analysis of the past and present economic performance as well as on the future development challenges in transition economies through the applied micro and macroeconomics. Both courses are relying on an innovative mixture of theory and practice. Since the region is increasingly integrated with the EU, special attention is devoted to it in both courses.
  • Credit transfer: International business provides 6 ECTS and Economics of Transition 7 ECTS. Participants can also take both courses and obtain a total of 13 ECTS.
  • Field trips: Field trips are constituent parts of the learning experience. They comprise visits to both companies as well as different institutions. Students consequently obtain hands on experience and information of the nature of the corporate development and business practices as well as policy-making in all three countries: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. In addition, the participants will during the trips and visits be able to experience also national culture, and learn about the national history and social development in the past, present and future, where on the one hand, diversity and heritage are important, while on the other hand the EU represents an important common future goal.
  • Target group: We are welcoming all motivated and interested students of Economics or Management programs on Bachelor or Master’s level to apply for the Balkan Express Summer School. 35 international students will be selected to participate at the Summer School. A small group will facilitate a high quality learning experience.
  • Language: The whole program, including lectures, will be held in English (fluency in English is required).
  • Price and deadline for applications: Estimated price per participant is 1300 EUR, which includes lectures, accommodation, two meals per day, company visits, cultural and social events, bus transfer on the whole route. The deadline for application is 10th June 2016. However, for early applications (5th May 2016) the fee is reduced to 1100 EUR.


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