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In-company Courses

In-company development courses are tailored to the specific needs of individual organisations. There is a growing awareness in a number of companies and governmental institutions that effective management at all levels requires employees to build and continually upgrade their knowledge and skills. In-company development and training programmes are intended to effectively meet such needs.


Training methodology is based on a four-step approach:

  • Analysis of specific needs.
  • Design of courses to meet specific needs.
  • Delivery of courses.
  • Evaluation of outcomes.

Benefits of In-company courses

  • Courses address issues of practical relevance to individual companies.
  • Training and development programmes are customized through cooperation between Programme Directors and clients and may range from short courses to consultancy projects.
  • Course calendar is adjusted to clients' requirements.
  • Strengthens contacts and partnerships, as participants are encouraged to attend together with their colleagues.
  • Allows a larger number of staff to benefit from training and development.

The courses can be taught in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, and English.


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