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Training centre is ideal business partner for achieving your business goals, combining cutting edge knowledge and access to trainers whose work is changing the global business world.

The Faculty of Economics Ljubljana –FELU and the P World together created tailor made courses for your specific business needs. All of our courses are based on extensive market research to fit your company’s business strategies and most importantly they are designed to provide you with easily implementable tools for your day-to-day business activities. Balancing the deep academic knowledge of the professors of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and P World’s access to the world’s most admired business minds, our world class programmes combine cutting edge theory with interaction and practical tools.


Marketing, Sales, Banking, Finance, PR, CSR, HR, Tourism, Telemarketing, Management consulting, IT, Project Management, Healthcare, Insurance, E- Commerce, Telecommunication. >>>

Training Modules

Programmes are tailored to the specific needs of individual organizations and give participants access to the latest business and management thinking, while engaging with some of the most influential experts. >>>

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