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Training Modules

  • The trainings are organized in module structure that are systematically connected and interrelated into a substantive whole.
  • One module is carried out in minimum of 8 intensive and connected hours.
  • Each module is carried out by minimum of two executors where usually one comes from the FELU and the other from P World.
  • Programmes are leaded by an international team of renowned professors and corporate experts from FELU & P World.
  • Created to offer a unique, but structured approach to highly complex challenges, designed to produce measurable business results and follow an adjustable timetable.
  • All information exchanged in the trainings are absolutely confidential.
  • Certified training allows a larger number of staff to benefit from training and development.
  • Programmes are adaptable to company’s timetables and desired venues.
  • EQUIS and AACSB accredited certificate programme.

Training methods

  • Lectures and interactive work.
  • Simulations.
  • Case Studies and case analysis.
  • Project work.


Training methodology is based on a four-step approach:
  • Analysis of specific needs.
  • Design of courses to meet specific needs.
  • Delivery of courses.
  • Evaluation of outcomes.

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