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Executive and Business Education

Lack of time in today’s rapidly changing and challenging world is one of the major obstacles facing employees and their pursuit of continuous learning. Therefore, the FELU has prepared many different types of business education to meet the needs and preferences of companies as well as individuals.

MBA Programme

The FELU MBA programme is for individuals with relevant working experience that are looking to upgrade their managerial skills and knowledge and to gain the attributes necessary of a successful leader. >>>

Business Academies

The FELU brings together experts from various industries to gain knowledge from a specific field. Experienced lecturers provide participants with practical knowledge and prepare them to be proactive in thinking and more successful in achieving organizational goals. >>>

Seminars & Workshops

The FELU organizes several open courses and workshops each year. They are carefully structured to and cover the fields of business and economics which reflect both individual and organizational development needs. >>>


In-Company Courses

The FELU offers programmes tailored to the specific needs of individual organizations. Companies have realized that having effective management requires the building and continual upgrading of knowledge and skills. In-company courses effectively meet these needs by addressing issues of practical relevance to companies and their employees. >>>

Training Centre

Knowledge as a proven investment in company's performance with FELU and The P World who jointly create the Certified Trainings tailor made and readily available for all training needs in your company. >>>


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