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Exchange and double-degree opportunities in NIBES business school network

The IMB programme is part of the NIBES network, which is an international network of top business and economic schools from all over the world. Its members include business and economic schools from The United States of America, Japan, Germany, Denmark, France, Portugal, Russia, India, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia and many others. Students of the IMB programme have a unique opportunity of obtaining a double master degree at selected NIBES business and economics schools, after completing the IMB course work load. Living and studying abroad provides a precious opportunity of expanding both, professional and personal horizons. Please visit NIBES official website for more information or contact us.


IMB Final excursion

Final excursion is the part of the IMB Programme that students are specifically keen on. So far IB students have visited Japan, United States, Russia and Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Balkan Countries and many others. The final excursion consists of company visits, workshops at local business schools, city tours and leisure time, which students exploit for individual tours, shopping, socializing, clubbing or simply enjoying the city atmosphere there. We raise funds to finance the excursion by working on projects; therefore great majority of travelling expenses is covered by the common found. Ideas for this year final excursion are already emerging ... What comes next?


International academic staff

In order to maintain the reputation of a programme that provides students up-to-date and very practical applicable knowledge, we try to attract world experts on specific areas to hold lectures. It is our great honour to collaborate with marketing guru Lakhsman Krisnamurthi, PhD. (Kellog School, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA), expert in the area of corporate finance and financial markets, Arnoud Boot, PhD. (University of Amsterdam & Stockholm School of Economics) and Ron Sanchez, Ph.D (Copenhagen Business School) one of the world leading experts in Industrial design specialized in modular technology. We are also very honoured to host Yoav Vardi, PhD. (Tel Aviv University), an expert and consultant in the organizational misbehavior field, Jan Švejnar (University of Michigan), an expert on transition economies and government-lead firms, Tsutomu Miyagawa (Gakushuin University, Japan), an expert on macroeconomics and Asian economies, Robert W. Robertson (Saint Leo University, Florida), an expert in a consumer behavior field, James Reardon, PhD. (Northern Colorado University), an expert in International and E-Marketing Management field and many more. We host many other professors with international presence and reputation, therefore we can claim that we are initiating spill off of world cutting-edge knowledge into Slovene environment. Additionally, students can arrange with professors from abroad for mentorships of their master thesis or academic papers that are later published in world-known business journals.

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Student Manager

Pika Silva Šiškin

Programme Director:

Professor Polona Domadenik
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