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Employment opportunities

employment oportunities

Statistics shows that over 90% of all the IMB students find a job in the period of three months after defending their master thesis. The International Master Programme in Business and Organization is designed in such a way that it provides students the opportunity to gain the experience of working on real-life business projects, on which they can show their competencies and talents to potential employers.

Furthermore, the social capital gain is systemized in the Alumni MBA Radovljica, where students can get access to more than 450 business people, who also attended the IMB programme via social activities, professional activities and especially, the internal mentorship programme in which a student is assigned to a mentor with respect to his or her individual interests and career ambitions.

Many employment opportunities can emerge, when still studying at the IMB Programme.

Nevertheless, the IMB study programme and Alumni MBA Radovljica strongly sponsor and value the professional, social and personal competences that students gain through the IMB programme. The demand for recruiting IMB students is often addressed to the IMB Programme Director or to Alumni MBA Radovljica association. Students with the required profiles are recommended for a job post.

The majority of the IMB students find a job in successful Slovene companies, as well as their representatives abroad or in multinational companies. A respectful number of previous IMB students also decided for a lucrative entrepreneurial career.

Investing in attending the IMB programme has proven to be a valuable platform for creating a successful business career.


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