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1-6/63 events

IMB Career Talk with Nikola Tanasoski, Director of Finance and Accounting at CIMOS Group

As one of the IMB’s priority is connecting students with the real business world and getting them to learn first-hand from Slovenian and other international managers, we organized first Career Talk event. On Thursday, 29 October 2020, we kicked things off with an utmost interesting talk with Nikola Tanasoski, Director of Finance and Accounting at […]



IMB Management and Organization – Final Presentations

Nowadays change is the new constant. With coronavirus present no one can really know what to expect and how to timely adapt. Business world is for sure undergoing a lot of changes in terms of dynamics of work and communication, and as IMB strives to really prepare students for the real life they were task […]



Lucija Sajevec and Jasmin Jerič on Leadership Style – IMB Management and Organization

In already second week of studies, IMB students from the 28th generation had an opportunity to listen and learn from two very charismatic and new-age leaders – Lucija Sajevec, CEO of AMZS and Jasmin Jerič, Assistant Coach of FC Celje. Even though that these two guests are coming from completely different spheres, the message of […]



Alumni MBA Radovljica announces the recipients of this year’s scholarship

Friday, 2nd of October, was a special day for the IMB students of the 28th Generation as Alumni MBA Radovljica representatives, Nastja Vidmar, the president of the Alumni association, Prof Dr. Prašnikar, and other distinguished guests came to announce the recipients of this year’s scholarship. The alumni association received a record number of applications and […]



IMB 28th Generation starts its journey

Today, on the 1st of October 2020, a group of 39 ambitious students started their journey with their first course of Management and Organization. Prof Škerlavaj and Prof Vardi will guide the students to a better understanding of the theory and process of management as applied to a variety of settings within organizations and with […]



Bootcamp 2020 welcomes 28th IMB generation

This week, students from the new, 28th generation, started their IMB journey with Bootcamp, non-obligatory preparatory courses. Bootcamp is an intensive, two weeks long preparation for students with a non-economic background to get familiar with basic concepts, as well as for students with an economic background to refresh their undergrad knowledge. It covers the basics […]


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