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IMB Programme has been successfully collaborating with the business world for almost two decades. Many forms of collaborations have been developed and we are always more than happy to develop new ways of implementing academically created knowledge into the business world. In case you are interested, please read more about our activities of collaborating with the business world.

IMB traditionally collaborates with the business world via the following channels:

Sponsorships and donations


IMB Programme has acquired an above standard study programme status. In order to support visits of professors form top business schools, above-standard studying facilities and extra-curriculum activities, that are beneficial for students’ professional development, we are grateful to have sponsors and donators, who share our idea of knowledge as one of the core values today. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsorships of the programme or donations and we will provide you more specific data.

Project work and research


We have proved ourselves to be capable of preparing valuable projects needed to support corporate strategic planning due to our unique added-value to unite leading academic personnel and highly skilled researchers with ambitious, talented and innovative IMB students, who constantly impress with their devotion to develop more than required. Many companies have trusted us to prepare analysis based on their data bases, strategic dilemmas on investing in different business units and even market entry strategic recommendations.

Student recruitment


Since IMB students enjoy a good reputation in a labour market for being highly skilled and knowledgeable, hard working and excellent leaders as well as team players, many companies express an attempt to recruit an IMB student. We are happy to recommend you students, who would be a great match to your structural and business needs. Please contact the programme director to discuss this opportunity.

Education and training


Does your company need additional knowledge spill-over? An excellent way to get it is to send your employees to attend the IMB Programme or only to attend specific lectures that suit your business needs. You will also get case-specific recommendations from the programme director how to create the most beneficial knowledge spill-over for your company.

We are proud of having the privilege to collaborate with some of the most successful companies via research projects, recruitment system, sponsorships and donations.

Do you have additional ideas? Please contact us. We are always eager to develop individual forms of collaborations with the business world. Managing and developing up-to-date knowledge relevant to business world is our mission. To implement it would be your opportunity...

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Student Manager

Pika Silva Šiškin

Programme Director:

Professor Polona Domadenik
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