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Leisure-time activities

Besides high-quality study, IMB programme offers many other opportunities to expand the intellectual horizon, grow as a person or simply, have a great time. IMB students are offered the following extra-curriculum activities:

Additional lectures and career-related events

As an IMB student, you will receive invitations to attend additional lectures, which are held by international and Slovenian top experts in the fields of finance, management, marketing, environment, politics and many others. You will also be encouraged to attend workshops, debates, employment opportunity presentations and many other events organized by Alumni MBA Radovljica and University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business.

Engaging in environment protection and charity

IMB students are motivated to manage the environment with responsibility and give back to community. Therefore, many opportunities to contribute to more equal world and act environmentally friendly and sociably responsible in the study time are provided. We are proud to say, that many of these activities are students- initiated.

Social events and celebrations

IMB students know how to work hard, yet they know how to have a good time. Besides Alumni MBA Radovljica social events, they are invited to receptions, there is a New Year party, when a “secret Santa” cheers up the students, there is an annual final picnic organized, team building sessions and many other events. Some students even compare IMB experience to family life, since they become so closely attached.

Sports and recreation

We encourage students to practise sports organized by the School of Economics and Business (golf, swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, fitness, etc.). Students team up to get discounts in fitness centre and aerobics and organize sporting events and trips such as paintball, mountain hiking, rafting, skiing, squash, etc.

Many initiatives to engage on extra-curriculum activates come from students themselves. We are proud to have proactive individuals, who want to make a change and take the most from what their study life can provide. Your ideas and initiatives how to improve the IMB study experience will always be warmly welcomed.

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Student Manager

Pika Silva Šiškin

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Professor Polona Domadenik
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