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Evaluation criteria

Student papers and projects produced during the 2009/2010 academic year (from 1st October 2009 to 30th October 2010) at the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics or any other business school or educational institution in Slovenia or abroad may enter the competition. Individuals and student groups from the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics and other business schools or educational institutions in Slovenia or abroad may take part in the competition.

The entries must:

  • Discuss business issues of companies and institutions operating in Slovenia and/or international markets,
  • Present direct solutions to business issues of companies and/or institutions and their transfer into practice,
  • Analyze current business developments in the Slovenian and/or international markets.

Entries written in Slovenian or English may be submitted.

Izbor v prvem krogu (of up to three nominees that are entered into the finals of the 2010 Student Business Conference) assesses the written entry you submit based on the evaluation criteria cited below. In the first round it is possible to collect up to 100%; for every competition section, this is divided among various evaluation criteria that the judges take into account. The percentage of the total assessment represented by a particular criterion is given in parentheses for each evaluation criterion considered in an individual competition section.

Evaluation criteria for sections: Marketing, International Business, Finance and Accounting, HRM, Management and Organization, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Business Informatics, Sustainable Development (100%):

  • relevance and up-to-date content (10%)
  • Content: complexity and in-depth analysis (25%)
  • Methodology : difficulty and adequacy of empirical analysis (30%)
  • Result: achievement of predicted goals (10%)
  • Transferability of the business solution into practice (25%)

In the second round, the percentages for the overall assessment of the written work submitted are converted for the three selected finalists of the 2011 Student Business Conference. Their written work counts for up to 50%, and the remaining 50% is based on their presentations in the final of the 2010 Student Business Conference.

Criteria for presentation (50%):

  • Verbal communication: speaking, responding, etc. (15%)
  • Nonverbal communication : contact with the audience, focus on the audience, etc. (10%)
  • Visual devices : PowerPoint, posters, etc. (10%)
  • Creativity : using the space, visual presentation, originality, etc. (15%)
The winner is the finalist with the highest percentage at the 2011 Student Business Conference.

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