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Most frequently asked questions

from students planning on study as an Exchange student at the FELU

Do you offer any accommodation for the Incoming Students? (dormitory, student house)
Yes - exchange students can apply for a room in dormitory. The rooms are double, with shared bathroom and shared kitchen. The access to internet is available in all the dormitories. Students who would prefer staying in private accommodation can rent a room in apartment shared with other students with a help of buddy and Student organization.
Do you offer a Buddy Mentor Program or similar to the Incoming Students?
Yes – all exchange students get a buddy (tutor) who gets in touch with an exchange student approximately one month before arrival
Do you offer to the Incoming students a Slovenian language course?
Yes – Slovenian language course is offered to exchange students by Faculty of Arts.
Do you offer to the Incoming students the orientation day/week?
Yes – before beginning of semester we organized Orientation days lasting for 2-3 days and attendance is obligatory for all exchange students studying at the Faculty of Economics.
Do you require any language certification from the Incoming Students?
Yes – students who are not native English speakers must present a certificate of their English language skills. Very good language skills refer to level B2 on the CERF scale of the European Language Portfolio Levels/ TOEFL score of 79 (IBT) or IELTS score of 6.
How many courses in English do you offer for exchange students?
Courses which are offered to exchange students can be found at the following webpage ENGLISH COURSES.
Can I take also courses from other faculties (e.g. Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Administration, Faculty of Art etc.) by being enrolled at the Faculty of Economics?
If student nominated for exchange studies at the Faculty of Economics wishes to take some additional courses offered by some other faculties of the University of Ljubljana has to contact that particular faculties and arrange everything by him/her-self.
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