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Course catalogue 2019/2020

Bachelor Courses

Introduction to Business semester course 6
Management semester course 6
Mathematics for Business and Economics semester course 6
Microeconomics 1 semester course 6
The Law of Business Organisations and Business Law semester course 6
Corporate Finance 1 semester course 6
EU Economics and Slovenia semester course 6
Operations Management semester course 6
Principles of Marketing semester course 6
Statistical Analysis semester course 6
Business Environment module course 6
Consumer Behavior semester course 6
Global Economy semester course 6
International Marketing module course 6
Marketing Channels semester course 6
Marketing Communications semester course 6
Principles of Consumer Behavior semester course 6
Strategic Management 1 semester course 6
Applied International Trade Analysis 1 semester course 6
Business Communication module course 6
Diversity Management module course 6
Globalization and International Trade semester course 6
Health Economics 1 module course 6
Intercultural Communication In Business English module course 6
Programming semester course 6
Project Management semester course 6
Tourism Management module course 6
Socio-Economic Development and Contemporary Slovenia semester course 6
Informatics semester course 6
Introductory Statistics semester course 6
Macroeconomics 1 semester course 6
Organizational Behavior semester course 6
Principles of Accounting semester course 6
Entrepreneurship semester course 6
Fundamentals of Financial and Management Accounting semester course 6
Human Resource Management semester course 6
Taxes and Corporations semester course 6
Electronic Business semester course 6
Global Business Communication semester course 6
Global Finance semester course 6
International Business semester course 6
International Business and Management module course 6
Marketing Planning module course 6
Marketing Research semester course 6
Services Marketing semester course 6
Socio-Economic Development and Contemporary Slovenia semester course 6
Applied Data Analytics TBD 6
History of Economic Thought semester course 6
How to do Business with China module course 6
International Business Law module course 6
IT Projects module course 6
Sales Promotion module course 6
Sustainable Tourism semester course 6

Master Courses

Accounting Information for Decision-Making semester course 7
Advanced Macroeconomics semester course 7
Asset Pricing Theory* semester course 7
Business Logistics Management semester course 7
Business Process Management semester course 7
Corporate Finance 2 semester course 7
Financial Accounting 2 semester course 7
Financial Economics* semester course 7
Financial Institutions Accounting* semester course 7
International Business Environment module course 7
Managerial Economics semester course 7
Microeconomics 3 semester course 7
Optimization Methods in Economics semester course 7
Organization and Management semester course 7
Political Economy semester course 7
Probability and Statistics* semester course 7
Quantitative Methods in Finance semester course 7
Research Methods and Techniques semester course 7
Strategic Marketing Management semester course 7
Tourism Economics module course 7
Applied Asset Management module course 7
Behavioral Economics and Game Theory module course 7
Big Data Management and Technologies module course 7
Brand Management semester course 7
Consumer Behaviour in Global Environment module course 7
Corporate Valuation & Financial Statement Analysis semester course 7
Economic Growth and Development semester course 7
Empirical Finance* semester course 7
Information Systems Management semester course 7
International Business Logistics module course 7
International Business, Societies and Cultures semester course 7
International Competitivness: Concepts and Analytical Approaches module course 7
Internationasl Finance 2 module course 7
IT Project Managment module course 7
Life and Pension Insurance* semester course 7
Marketing and Sales Across Cultures module course 7
Monetary Economics 2 semester course 7
Pricing Strategies module course 7
Risk Managment in International Buisines module course 7
Risk Managment* semester course 7
Risk Modeling in Insurance* semester course 7
Service Design and Innovations in Tourism semester course 7
Taxes and Tax Harmonisation in the EU module course 7
Tourism Marketing module course 7
Tourism Policy module course 7
Building Leadership Capacity module course 7
Corporate Social Responsibility module course 7
Empirical Asset Pricing* semester course 7
Selected Topics in Mathematics* semester course 7
Teams and Teamwork in Organizations module course 7
Analysis for Marketing Decisions semester course 7
Business Intelligence and Analytics semester course 7
Contract Theory in Finance and Insurance* semester course 7
Digital Business semester course 7
Econometrics 2* semester course 7
Economic Policies of the EU semester course 7
Environmental Economics in Tourism module course 7
Financial Institutions Management 2 semester course 7
Industrial Organisation, Competition Policy and Regulation semester course 7
Law of Business Finances semester course 7
Marketing on Regional Markets module course 7
Public Finance 2 module course 7
Sales and Business Marketing Management semester course 7
Strategic Management 2 semester course 7
Supply Chain Digitalization semester course 7
Supply Chain Management semester course 7
Time-Series and Panel Data Econometrics* semester course 7
Topics (Issues) in International Trade and Globalisation semester course 7
Tourism Destination Management module course 7
Transnational Management module course 7
Valuation of Financial Derivatives* semester course 7
Big Data Analytics module course 7
Enterprise Risk Management module course 7
Non Life Insurance* semester course 7
Quantitative Behavioral Finance* semester course 7
Advanced Programming module course 7
Behavioral Finance* module course 7
Business Communication for Managers module course 7
Business With Central Asia: Key Issues and Topics module course 7
Change Managment module course 7
Comperative Analysis of Economic and Business Systems module course 7
Corruption and Development module course 7
Creativity and Innovation Management module course 7
Customer Relationship Management module course 7
Derivatives* module course 7
Globalization and Multinational Firms module course 7
International Business Finance module course 7
International Human Resource Management module course 7
Labour Economics 2 module course 7
Topics in the Theory of Finance module course 7

*available only for Finance degree majors

**courses are subject to change

For detailed information about each course, please download COURSE CATALOGUE for Academic year 2019/20.

Module course is an intensive course, held for a specific time period. Final exam is usually organized directly after the end of the last lecture.

Full semester course at SEB LU is a typical course with 1 lecture and 1 practice class per week. Final exam is organized during examination period at the end of semester.

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