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Doctoral students may choose from courses, seminars, and workshops organised by the FELU, partner institutions within the network of doctoral programmes, and international schools with accredited doctoral programmes. As a rule, part of the programme (up to 42 ECTS) is completed abroad at a school or institution approved by the student's mentor or head of the programme.

This is designed for guiding part of the research seminars (seminars covering theoretical and empirical studies), as well as contributions to research seminars, workshops, doctoral seminars, and scientific seminars.

  • Full-time and part-time study is available.
  • Lectures are in English.
  • The doctoral programme lasts three years (six semesters). To complete the doctoral dissertation, a student has four years available from the time the University of Ljubljana agrees with the topic.
  • After completion of the required curriculum and research requirements, students receive the title "Doktor znanosti".

Study Tracks

Students may choose between an Economics Track or Business Track.

ECONOMICS TRACK Majors: Economics, International Economics, Money and Finance
BUSINESS TRACK Majors: Management and Organization, Marketing, Financial Management, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, International Business, Information Management, Operations Research, Business Logistics

Criteria for Continuation

To progress from the first to second year, the student must complete 60 ECTS of requirements from organized courses and individual work on dissertation (public presentation of draft dissertation proposal that has been approved by his/her committee).

To progress in the third year, the student is required to complete 120 ECTS from organized forms of study and individual work on dissertation (presentation of progress in writing the doctoral dissertation that has been approved by his/her committee and registration of the doctoral dissertation topic together with enclosures as defined in the regulations on the doctoral programme in business and economics.

As part of the program the student needs to collect at least 60 ECTS from organized forms of study (12 ECTS from core subjects, at least 18 ECTS from the Methodological foundations subjects, at least 18 ECTS from major seminars and at least 12 ECTS from individual forms of study).

Before a student may defend his/her dissertation, he/she must publish a research article (or have confirmation that the article has been accepted for publication) in a publication approved by the FELU.

By way of exception, the Research and doctoral studies committee of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana may permit a student that has not fulfilled his/her requirements to progress if he/she has justifiable reasons beyond his/her control and if a deadline is set for fulfilling all conditions

Conditions for completion of the programme

To complete the program, the student must fulfil all academic requirements for all organized forms of instruction in the academic programme and the major, prove the results of their work on the dissertation by authorship or co-authorship of an article that has been accepted for publication in a journal that the Faculty deems suitable and must successfully defend his/her doctoral dissertation.


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Deadline for application and enrollment

Call for enrolment in doctoral study programme for academic year 2018/2019 will be available in February 2018.

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