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Application & Enrolment


Applications must include the following:

  • Signed copy of the application form (Candidates apply at the eVŠ web portal >>>)
  • Certified copy of diploma or a certified copy of graduation certificate at the undergraduate and master's levels;
  • Official transcripts with GPA at the undergraduate and master’s levels;
  • If students completed an undergraduate or master’s programme abroad, they must simultaneously begin with the procedure for recognition of prior foreign education, and upon enrolment enclose a document of official recognition of education and qualifications acquired abroad, for the purposes of continuation of studies at the doctoral level.

In addition to the documents listed in the previous paragraph, students shall enclose the following:

  • A work plan or research plan (max 300 words or 2,000 characters);
  • A motivation letter (max 300 words or 2,000 characters);
  • A CV
  • A publications list (if the candidate has published articles or other works);
  • Other documents (GMAT or GRE scores)
  • Awards and recognitions won;
  • A consent of the mentor (In case you are experiencing difficulties in getting the consent of the potential mentor, please contact Doctoral programme unit).

Students with a master’s degree or graduate certificate and a previous bachelor’s programme shall enclose a certified statement of the academic requirements completed in the programme at the higher education institution they were enrolled in, and a certified copy of the syllabuses for the courses and other activities in which they completed their academic requirements.

Work Plan / Research Plan

The research plan must reflect an understanding of scientific research and include a description of the issue that the candidate intends to explore and justification for research. Is it a new area of research? Is there an application of existing research to new information? Has the subject been research but requires additional empirical confirmation or evidence? How will the answer contribute to the development of science in the field of research? Is this a case study or qualitative or quantitative research methods?

Motivation letter

The motivation letter should include the following:

  • reasons for applying to the doctoral programme;
  • willingness and determination to complete study;
  • study expectations;
  • potential for career development;
  • personal commitments, hobbies, interest;
  • for parttime students, an explanation of coordination of the study programme with work and family.

Deadline for application and enrolment

Candidates for enrolment must submit their application for the doctoral study programme no later than by 24 June 2020, inclusive of that date. Supplemental documents to the application must be sent by registered mail to School of Economics and Business or to the e-mail address petra.vranjes@ef.uni-lj.si by the required deadline.

School address:

School of Economics and Business
Doctoral Studies Unit
Kardeljeva pl. 17
1000, Ljubljana

Candidates that have submitted complete applications will be contacted to schedule the oral exam, which will be held within twenty working days after the application deadline (from 29 June till app. 20 July 2020).

Enrolment will be held till 30 September 2020 at the SEB LU.

Deadline for application and enrollment

Candidates must apply no later than 24 June 2020.

pdf icon Rules on the Doctoral study programme in Economics and Business

pdf icon Notification for doctoral students (Amendments to the Rules and regulations on doctoral study at the LU))

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