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List of doctoral dissertation topics

List of potential supervisors and their research areas. The list contains the names of professors who have proposed specific reseach topics. There are more academically qualified professors at the FELU that may act as potential advisers. Topics not on the list may also be mentored. Before you contact the professor, you are kindly invited to inquire at Doctoral programme unit.

For information on specific topics of each supervisor click on the supervisor's name. Password is »feluphd«.

Professor Research Area
Mateja Bodlaj, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Marketing
Marketing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
Jaka Cepec, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Bankruptcy law, Law and Economics
Andreja Cirman, Ph.D., Associate Professor Economics (housing / real estate / personal finance)
Simon Čadež, Ph.D., Associate Professor Management Accounting / Control
Management Accounting
Barbara Čater, Ph.D., Associate Professor Marketing / Business
Tomaž Čater, Ph.D., Full Professor Strategic Management (Environmental Strategies, Strategy Development, Strategy Implementation, Change Management), Management (Annual Business Planning, Sports Management)
Danica Čerče, Ph.D., Associate Professor Advertising
Matej Černe, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Innovation Policies, Innovation Management
Management, Innovation Management
Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship
Organizational Behavior, Creativity Management
Management, Organizational Behavior, Knowledge Management
Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership
Talib Damij, Ph.D., Full Professor Management information systems
Jože Damijan, Ph.D., Full Professor International trade / Economics
Vlado Dimovski, Ph.D., Full Professor Management and Organization
Tanja Dmitrović, Ph.D., Full Professor Marketing
Petra Došenović Bonča, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Health economics
Health economics and policy
Mateja Drnovšek, Ph.D., Full Professor Entrepreneurship
Liljana Ferbar Tratar, Ph.D., Associate Professor Operations Research / Mathematics / Economics
Mirko Gradišar, Ph.D., Full Professor Operations research / Information Systems
Nevenka Hrovatin, Ph.D., Full Professor Economics
Energy economics
Mojca Indihar Štemberger, Ph.D., Full Professor Digital transformation
Information management
Jurij Jaklič, Ph.D., Full Professor Information Systems Management, Business Intelligence Systems
Marko Jaklič, Ph.D., Full Professor Innovation, Research and Innovation Policy
Marko Jakšič, Ph.D., Associate Professor Supply Chain Management
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Borka Jerman Blažič, Ph.D., Full Professor Business informatics
Robert Kaše, Ph.D., Associate Professor Management, Human Resource Management
Aleksandar Kešeljević, Ph.D., Associate Professor Economics / Comparative analysis of economic systems & Institutional economics
Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Albert Assaf, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Tourism / Tourism Marketing
Tourism / Tourism Management
Tomaž Kolar, Ph.D., Associate Professor Consumer behavior; Tourism
Consumer behavior; Social marketing strategy
Consumer behavior; Behavioral economics
Strategic marketing
Marketing; Services marketing; Consumer behavior;
Maja Konečnik Ruzzier, Ph.D., Full Professor Marketing
Mateja Kos Koklič, Ph.D., Associate Professor Marketing (Consumer behavior)
Črt Kostevc, Ph.D., Associate Professor International Trade / Innovation and growth / Econometrics
Mitja Kovač, Ph.D., Associate Professor Law and economics
Kir Kuščer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Mountain tourism
Matej Lahovnik, Ph.D., Full Professor Management / Strategic Management
Strategic Management / Mergers and Acquisitions
Strategic Management / Corporate Governance
Jaka Lindič, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship
Igor Lončarski, Ph.D., Associate Professor Financial economics
Mojca Marc, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Management/Management accounting/Management control
Matej Marinč, Ph.D., Associate Professor Finance / Banking
Igor Masten, Ph.D., Full Professor Time series econometrics
Tanja Mihalič, Ph.D., Full Professor Tourism Economics/Sustainability
Barbara Mörec, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Accounting / Finance
Mojmir Mrak, Ph.D., Full Professor Finance
Irena Ograjenšek, Ph.D., Associate Professor Economics
Marketing Research / Statistics Education
Tamara Pavasović Trošt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Tourism, Sociology of Tourism
International Business, Sociology of International Business
Darja Peljhan, Ph.D., Associate Professor Management / Management accounting
Judita Peterlin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Management; Sustainable Management; Leadership
Gregor Pfajfar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (co-advisor Aviv Shoham, Ph.D., Associate Professor) International business / International marketing
Nina Ponikvar, Ph.D., Associate Professor Economics
Aleš Popovič, Ph.D., Associate Professor Process innovation / Information management
Information systems success
Vasja Rant, Ph.D., Associate Professor International finance
Matevž Rašković, Ph.D., Assistant Professor International business
Tjaša Redek, Ph.D., Associate Professor Economics
Borut Rusjan, Ph.D., Full Professor Operations / Quality
Jože Sambt, Ph.D., Associate Professor Economics
Sergeja Slapničar, Ph.D., Associate Professor Behavioural and neuroeconomics
Alenka Slavec, Ph. D., Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial recycling, Social entrepreneurship, Psychology and sociology of entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial finance and Innovation
Aljaž Stare, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Management, Project management, Leadership
Anja Svetina Nabergoj, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Marko Pahor, Ph.D., Associate Professor Work-life-balance, Family friendly corporate practices
Matej Švigelj, Ph.D., Associate Professor Economics, Economics of telecommunications
Peter Trkman, Ph.D., Associate Professor Information management, Logistics
Miroslav Verbič, Ph.D., Associate Professor Econometrics / Economics
Economics / Statistics / Econometrics
Business / Statistics / Econometrics
Alenka Verbinc, Ph.D., Associate Professor Marketing communications
Irena Vida, Ph.D., Full Professor Marketing / International Business
Alenka Vrbinc, Ph.D., Associate Professor Marketing communications
Katja Zajc Kejžar, Ph.D., Associate Professor International economics
Jelena Zorić, Ph.D., Associate Professor Economics (Efficiency analysis)
Economics (Energy Economics/Energy efficiency)
Vesna Žabkar, Ph.D., Full Professor Marketing
Jana Žnidaršič, Ph.D., Associate Professor Management, HRM management, age management
Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Non-profit management

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Deadline for application and enrollment

Call for enrolment in doctoral study programme for academic year 2018/2019 will be available in February 2018.

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