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Admissions Criteria

For the 2019/20 academic year, 25 places are available.


The programme is open to anyone who has completed:

  • A Bologna master’s (second-cycle) programme;
  • A bachelor’s programme adopted before 11 June 2004;
  • A graduate certificate programme and a previous applied bachelor’s programme, fulfilling the academic requirements set by the programme in the amount of 36 ECTS credits;
  • A master’s programme or a graduate certificate programme and a previous bachelor’s programme. Upon entering the programme, these students are awarded 60 ECTS credits in accordance with the law;
  • A programme regulated by EU directives or any other fast-track master’s programme equivalent to 300 ECTS credits;
  • A programme at a university abroad in accordance with the prescribed requirements that apply to Slovenian students. Equivalence of a degree previously earned abroad is ascertained through the foreign education verification procedure in compliance with the Statute of the UL.

We evaluate the following criteria:

  1. Graduate study results - up to 30 points - based on:
    • Grade point average - up to 20 points
    • Thesis grade - up to 10 points
  2. Oral exam results - up to 70 points - based on:
    • The student’s academic work to date - up to 10 points:
      • Undergraduate grade point average
      • Relevant background knowledge
    • Scholarly research potential - up to 15 points:
      • Understanding of scholarly research, demonstrated with a draft research proposal
      • Research area compatibility with research conducted at the Faculty
    • The student’s motivation - up to 15 points:
      • The student’s motivation, as demonstrated in the letter of motivation and at the interview
      • Independent financial support corresponding to at least 50% employment (junior researcher from the business world, international scholarship, etc.)
    • The student’s research to date (published articles and other publications) - up to 15 points:
      • Published research article
      • Discussion article
    • Other criteria (e.g., GMAT or GRE scores, awards, recognitions, etc.) - up to 15 points

pdf icon Doctoral Summer School

We kindly invite you to attend the information session, which will be held on Tuesday, 12 March 2019 at 5 pm in MBA lecture room.

Deadline for application and enrollment
Candidates must apply no later than 24 June 2019.

Additional information about the doctoral programme

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