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Admissions Criteria


The programme is open to anyone who has completed:

  • graduate study programme;
  • study programme for university education (adopted prior to June 11, 2004);
  • study programme for specialisation and professional programme (if completed academic requirement set by the programme of 36 ECTS);
  • Master's Degree Programme or study programme for specialisation and university education (upon entering the programme, students are awarded 60 ECTS credits pursuant to the regulations);
  • study programme regulated by EU directives, or any other uniform Master's Degree Programme with an equivalent of 300 ECTS.

We evaluate the following criteria:

  1. graduate study results - up to 30 points - based on:
    • average GPA - up to 20 points
    • Graduate degree - up to 10 points
  2. oral exam results - up to 70 points - based on:
    • study performance - up to 10 points:
      • undergraduate GPA
      • prior experience
    • scientific research potential - up to 20 points:
      • understanding of scientific research
      • matching areas of research to FELU research
      • availability and willingness of mentor
    • motivation and ability to devote sufficient time to the PhD study period - up to 10 points:
      • motivation as indicated in the letter of intent and interview
      • availability of independent financing for at least 50% employment
    • previous research work (articles, publications) - up to 15 points:
      • published research papers
      • professional publications
    • other (GMAT and GRE scores, awards) - up to 15 points

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Deadline for application and enrollment

Call for enrolment in doctoral study programme for academic year 2018/2019 will be available in February 2018.

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Additional information about the doctoral programme

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