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An Alumni event held on Wednesday, 22nd of February 2017 at the Faculty of Economics examined the digitization and optimization of business processes. The speaker, Marko Srabotnik, Bisnode’s manager of business solutions for Southern Europe, gave examples from business practice and introduced methods of data collection and resolving issues in the business world.

WHY ARE B2B AND B2C ALREADY PAST? Future belongs to H2H, on 14th of February 2017.

How to communicate with people from another planet, on 24th of January 2017

Alumni Manager's Lounge, Six Thinking Hats, on 19th of December 2016

What should an entrepreneur know about tax inspection, on 29th of November 2016

Integrity and business ethics, on 23rd of November 2016

Manager or an entrepreneur?, on 26th of October 2016

European Football Championship and trends in marketing, on 26th of May 2016

Why Slovenia is not Switzerland, on 14th of April 2016

Slovenian business leaders in the world, on 3rd of February 2016

How to work with sangvinik, kolerik, melancholic and phlegmatic?, on 10th of February 2016

Alumni MARKEThink: Unilever story of successful brands

On 10th of June 2015 Alumni MARKEThink organised events with Péter Szabó, managing director of Unilever Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We became acquainted with Unilever’s mission and successful marketing campaigns. Unilever is a global company that has a portfolio of more than 400 brands, including Dove, Rexona, Knorr, Axe and Carte D'Or.

Unilever wants to create more brands and increase its market share. With its fourteen strongest brands Unilever today generates a turnover of EUR 1 billion. In the future, they want to double the size of the company and increase its social impact.

After conclusion of the presentation there was a party. Entertainment was outdoors and participants enjoyed a DJ, ate ice cream, drank refreshing cocktails and socialised.

Alumni Manager's Lounge: Visit to Krka d.d., Novo mesto, pharmaceutical factory

On Friday 5th of June, we visited the Krka, d.d., Novo mesto factory, which is among the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The company operates in more than 70 countries and is Slovenia’s leading exporter. We were shown the newest and most modern manufacturing plant, Notol 2, which produces solid dosage forms. It represents the biggest investment in Krka's history, estimated at 200 million euros. Notol 2 was opened to visitors in April 2015 and we were among the first to view it.

After the visit, we had an enjoyable social occasion, tasting Zajc wine and eating in the Janc restaurant.

Alumni MARKEThink Visit to Union brewery - from the idea to the bar

On Thursday, 9th of April 2015, Alumni MARKEThink and the Union brewery organized a presentation of a marketing case in practice. We got to know the functioning of the marketing department in the largest brewery in Slovenia, which has been present on the market for 150 years.

It is always been a place for passionate fans of beer, gourmet and entertainment.

We were shown the process of developing a new product, why and how the brewery introduced a novelty in the last year, as well as the company’s story and mission. We also wanted to know how they approach the problem of advertising alcoholic beverages. We walked through part of the production facility and the brewery museum, which was opened in 1986.

We finished with a gathering in Union’s bar.

Alumni MANAGERS 'LOUNGE: "Employees may also contribute to the company with its barbecue and its values"

On Thursday, 19th of March 2015, the Alumni MANAGERS 'LOUNGE at the Faculty of Economics organized an event called “How to encourage and support employee development”.

Sašo Kronegger, social pedagogue and transactional analyst, presented the communication skills and techniques that can be used to contribute to an environment that supports employee development, promoting better relations and creating higher added value and increased development potential of the company.

At the beginning of the interactive event Sašo Kronegger invited participants juggle tennis balls. This helped relax the group.

He explained that best practice in the workplace is a balance between two poles: orderliness and chaos. Many people are afraid of this balance, as it could on the one hand lead to lost creativity, and on the other hand may adversely affect productivity.

Alumni GOURMET: coffee – without substitutes

The Alumni GOURMET society organised a gourmet event where we tasted a wide range of different coffees.

The event was held on Wednesday, 10th March 2015 and organised by coffee expert Tine Čokl. Mr. Čokl introduced features and stories about coffee - the luxury good without substitutes which we encounter on a daily basis.

Participants of the event eventually had the opportunity to taste four different types of coffee. Mr. Čokl took participants through a process called "coffee cupping" where they tasted the flavor and freshness of taste of various kinds of coffee, and discussed the differences.



ALUMNI & CI forum: China, the country of business opportunities

Alumni club and Confucius Institute at the Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana organized Alumni forum event: ALUMNI & CI forum: China, the country of business opportunities. >>>

ALUMNI & Student stock market

Alumni Club and the Student stock market organised, the 54th Seminar of Student Stock Market, whose main focus was on: “The present and future state of the financial system in Slovenia” >>>

ALUMNI & FBN Adria forum

Contemporary challenges of family busines, ALUMNI and FBN Adria forum >>>

ALUMNI & Students forum

First of several ALUMNI & STUDENTS: Forum was very interesting for our Alumni members. >>>

ALUMNI forum: India

First ALUMNI Forum: India Emerging – (How) can you be part of it? With filled seats to last spot we proved that Alumni members recognise actual topic. >>>

ALUMNI& events

ALUMNI& Andrej Miklavc

»You can be sucessfull, when you have a reason for doing something.« >>>

ALUMNI& Ward Crawford

It was great experience for our Alumni members. >>>

ALUMNI& Design Thinking

ALUMNI& Design Thinking thaught our members to solve problems from a different prespective. >>>

ALUMNI& Lior Manor

ALUMNI& Lior Manor inspired creativity. >>>

ALUMNI& Christopher Winship

ALUMNI& Christopher Winship from Harvard University explained about extra-rational decision making. >>>

Social gatherings


Alumni club gathering with world-famous group Perpetuum Jazzile and 1000 alumni members. Unforgetable event! >>>


The biggest Alumni gathering with Siddharta and Vlado Kreslin. Around 3,000 Alumni club members enjoyed in an excellent atmosphere. >>>

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