IT Strategy


Aims of the course

About the course

Information technology (IT) is a strategic asset. Successful deployment and utilization of IT is a must in order for a modern business to succeed and gain competitive advantage. The net result is a growing demand for guidance on the issues, strategies, tactics for using and managing IT. The course first introduces students to issues related to the use of IT for increasing organizational performance and productivity, and for gaining strategic and competitive advantage. It helps students identify problems and opportunities that are appropriate for IT applications and show how information technology can be utilized to address these problems and opportunities. The course then covers issues related to managing IT especially in the new digital economy. The evolution of IT continues to present management with rewarding, yet risky, challenges. This is followed by an exploration of IT for supporting decision making, collaboration, and knowledge work. The idea here is to acquaint students with tools available for applying and managing IT. The course will end by providing coverage of the processes that are available for acquiring IT resources.

Course syllabus

Course Topics

1. Introduction: The Emergence of IT as a Strategic Issue
2. IS Strategy
a. Stages of growth,
b. Assessment of IS strategies in insurance companies (Case study)
c. Change Management Strategy
3. IS Planning
a. IS Planning Proces
b. Evaluating the Outcomes
4. IS Strategy-Business Strategy Relationship
a. Measuring the Relationship
b. Alignment
c. E-business impact
5. IS Strategy and the Organizational Environment
a. IT-Organizational Design Relationship
b. IT and Decision Making
c. IT-Organizational Culture Relationship
6. IT Governance and IS strategy
a. The missing link
b. Basic Building Blocks

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 11:00 in R-410
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