IT Projects

Aims of the course

In recent time IT project management becomes one of the most interested fields.
- IT projects represent expensive investments for the company.
- IT projects include high level of risk, which may cause money and time losses for the customer.
- Students will be acquainted with IT project management that enable successful management and completion of projects.
- The main objective of this course is to create successful future project managers.

Course syllabus

1 Agile Project Management
1.1 Agile Principles
1.2 Agile Methods
2 Scrum Method
2.1 Scrum Roles
2.2 Product Planning
2.3 Sprinting
3 Kanban Method
3.1 Visualize Workflow
3.2 Limit Work-in-Progress
3.3 Manage Flow

Course director(s)

  • LinkedIn:štemberger-9a49826a/ 
  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 11:00 in R-404
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