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Selling: Principles and Methods


Aims of the course

- Learn the theoretical basis and practical introduction to the skills necessary for personal selling in business and consumer markets.
- Learn the planning, preparation and implementation of direct sales activities, especially the sales call and negotiating with potential or existing customers.
- Learn the tools, techniques and methods for practical implementation of selling activities.
- Learn about the methods of selection, training and performance measurement and motivating sales staff.

Course syllabus

1. Overview of Personall Selling
2. Building Trust and Sales Ethics, Understanding Buyers
3. Communication Skills
4. Planning Sales Dialogues and Presentations
5. Sales Dialogue – Creating and Communicating Value
6. Addressing Concerns and Earning Commitment
7. Sales Negotiations
7.1 Expanding Customer Relationships, Assess
Customer Satisfaction, After Sales Service
8. Self-leadership and Teamwork, Account Classification, Key Account Management

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Friday at 11:00 in P-329
  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 15:00 in Zoom
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